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    Fall at Saabradio - Have a bad Saab 9-3 radio and amplifier problem with no sound - call us, we have proven to be the fiber optic experts, hands-down. We sell OEM Saab 9-3 amplifiers and radios every day. We can help you save money by either troubleshooting, repairing, or replacing defective amps using only genuine Saab parts. Call or come here directly, we can also pre-quote over the phone. You should look at it and for signs of rust, water, or water damage, any of these will rule in the end and cause it to slowly just discharge your battery, we can add short protection to your amp and or complete waterproofing. What causes water damage - Windows that won't run up, snowfall in between the door and driver seat, Door seals that leak, blocked sunroof drainage, rear light seals bad, kids or friends with wet boots or drinks and sitting behind the driver. If your battery is dead or not charging unplug the amp to see if it's a problem. Never jumpstart the car as it can kill the ICM, EHU, or amp. If you have a convertible or 13 speaker system your problem could be your AMP2, let us quickly verify your problem. We can add AUX input to 1988 through 1994 Saabs, play music from your phone through your saab sound system, Most dealers and sound shops do not have our 40 years of professional Saab audio experience. We have serviced and sold hundreds of Saab sound systems made from 1982 to 2010, we are the only shop that can make that claim. We are also a retired member of NESDA (National Electronics Dealers Association ), have been servicing the automotive electronic industry since 1969 and have been on Saabnet since 2000. We want to thank all our customers for their positive posts and emails. Call or email us. We offer free no obligation help identifying where your problem may be. Include your phone number when emailing for information or help, our shipping address is saabradio 1109 Howard Ave., Utica, NY 13501-3909 Thank you.

    Contact: Wasyl Zadorozny, Utica NY
    Email: Click Here
    Phone: 315-269-6876